Removing a Domain from View

I recently was helping a customer deploy a new Horizon View POD and the customer environment had all of their AD user accounts in a child domain. They didn't want the parent domain name to show up for users when they logged into View, so they we used the vdmadmin.exe tool to exclude the parent domain. The steps to use the tool are below, but one things to keep in mind is that you can use this tool to hide the domain for an entire pod or just on specific connection servers.


First step is to launch a Command Prompt as an administrator.

Then CD into "c:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Server\tools\bin"
The path may be slightly different if you installed the connection server software in a different path or drive location. 

Now you can run "vdmadmin.exe -N -domains -exclude -domain CONTOSO -add
This tells View to add the domain CONTOSO to the exclude list for the Pod, though they use the term cluster in the command line. You can then check in the View Admin site under domains and see that the CONTOSO domain is now gone.